2024's innovative new browser game. With updates released at a pace that rivals the majestic starfish. You’re going to need to start playing immediately if you plan to keep with the action.

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User of the Day!


Wall Defense!

Test your endurance against the Crunba horde, use guns, ninja stars and even nukes to defend your house from wave after wave!

Try it now on the games page! LINK

29 Feb 2024 ★ Gabe

PONG added

A simple pong game has been added to the games page! this is a two player only experience so grab a friend and try the newest co-op game. LINK

28 Feb 2024 ★ Gabe

Shop refresh

As previously mentioned our shop now changes every 3 months. As February comes to a close, on march 1st our winter shop will go into hibernation and the new spring shop will emerge.

Make sure to grab all the winter items before they leave us and stock up on coins in preparation for the new spring gear!

16 Feb 2024 ★ Gabe

HJ Gallery

Check out the Hieronymus Johnson art gallery in our port city on the explore page or follow the link below. This is a surprise art gallery for our partner HJ! LINK

15 Jan 2024 ★ Gabe

Shop Refresh

The customization shop is now seasonal! This means every 3 months users will have new and returning items to look forward to!

Check out the winter shop now!

22 Dec 2023 ★ Gabe

New course!

A second course has been added to Powershot Golf! Frosty fairways is a new course featuring frozen elements and obstacles over new 18 holes.

04 Dec 2023 ★ Gabe

Real Life Coins!

Exclamity Coins have become a physical object! Tired of all these fake digital currencies pretending to exist? We're going the other direction and converting our digital currency into something real.

How do they work? Scan the QR code while signed in and the coins are credited to your account. Current values range from 50k to 1 million. I'm still thinking about how maybe people could someday buy them with their coins and then get them in real life, but I don't really want to commit to mailing things in a timely manner. So for now these exist and we're giving them away. The QR code redemption engine can also handle awards and other stuff, so be on the lookout for more to come.

We'll be handing these out via mail and in person starting now! So get yours today!

07 Jul 2023 ★ Manny

5 New games

In a surprise big update there are 5 new games on the games page bringing our game count to 18
new games: 50 states quiz, Racoon Royale, Bullet Heck, Wake up and Skele hop
head on over to the games tab to try them out NOW

11 Apr 2023 ★ Gabe

New Game!

Check out the new golf game! Power Shot Golf features 18 different holes with more to come.

See if you have the chops to try and get better than the par of 70! LINK

07 Oct 2022 ★ Gabe

Free Stickers!

We're doing a run of free Stickers! We have orange 8 inch "Exclamity.com" and red 1 inch "EX Logo" stickers (alternate colors available upon request). Send us a message on Instagram with your shipping details and we'll get 'em mailed out to you! LINK

05 Oct 2022 ★ Manny

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