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2 things, I think the user of the day is rigged Fellow user Damagesponge has gotten it 4 times and I've only gotten it once This is preposterous. Another thing is I would like to talk to one of the Dorsey brothers about a serious matter.

Topic: General ★ Replies: 3 ★ By: Kanu ★ 07 Nov 2022 ⇨ 07 Nov 2022

What is the Serious matter.?

I believe user of the day randomly picks any user with over 100 coins.

Gabe, 11 Nov 2022

I would like to be exlamitys way of getting out to the world i can tell loads of people about your website but of course you could pay my in exlamity coins

Kanu, 13 Nov 2022

Ok for every user you refer I'll give you a bonus of 5k coins.

Gabe, 11 Apr 2023

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