Location Inspirations

Some of the Explore map locations are associated with real places that I think about when I make games and set up their economies. Here are some of the more concrete ones:

Kouru: Kingston, WA
Saltport: Aberdeen, WA
Kenja: Seattle, WA
Scavengers: Yakima County, WA
Buckwheat: Linn County, OR
Cheman: Butte, MT
Cannibals: Encampment somewhere in rural Montana

Right now I'm working on the ability for you to be able to trade commodities between these locations. The scale is drastically different from real life. I think the game map is currently about 150 miles wide. This makes trade using methods ninjas could access take a more gameplay reasonable amount of time for transit.

But knowing similar real life locations and helps me decide what kinds of economies these locations have, their general vibes, and to kind of visualize what's going on in these places. Especially the environments and landscapes of locations and of transitioning between locations. If anyone has any ideas to add or could recommend locations for some of the ones I haven't named I'd love to hear 'em.

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Here are some distances generated by the trade engine (work in progress):

From Kouru to Kouru is 0 miles.
From Kouru to Kenja is 33 miles.
From Kouru to Buckwheat is 93 miles.
From Kouru to Cheman is 112 miles.
From Kouru to Lockup is 53 miles.
From Kouru to Scavengers is 52 miles.
From Kouru to Saltport is 17 miles.
From Kouru to Checkpoint is 90 miles.
From Kouru to Cannibals is 127 miles.
From Kouru to Psychos is 37 miles.

Manny, 14 Jul 2023


Manny, 17 Jul 2023

Try the beta: https://exclamity.com/explore/trade/

Manny, 17 Jul 2023

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