Minor Updates

This is a thread of notifications of minor updates to the site.

Topic: Ideas ★ Replies: 11 ★ By: Manny ★ 30 Nov 2023 ⇨ 02 Mar 2024

Crunba World leaderboard added

Manny, 30 Nov 2023

Community Canvas leaderboard added. Award soon.

Manny, 23 Dec 2023

States quiz scores and speedrun added, award too.
Payout = score * 5, or 1000 flat for 100%

Manny, 11 Jan 2024

Forum posts now sort by most recently commented rather than in order of posted

Manny, 30 Nov 2023

The 5 most recent awards earned are displayed on the news page.

Manny, 02 Dec 2023

Award added for having an account older than a year. Unlocks on the profile.

Manny, 06 Dec 2023

Award added for making a forums post, replies award coming soon

Manny, 09 Dec 2023

PowerShot Golf profile awards added for par score on both courses.

Manny, 06 Dec 2023

I saw we updated the shop and it now automatically updates every 3 months with refreshing items! Throughout the year we have over 125 different items in the shop

Gabe, 22 Dec 2023

Profile ninjas now display your profile card color as the background instead of transparency, and several nice gradient backgrounds have been added as default customizations by Gabe.

Manny, 29 Dec 2023

Awards added to Wall Defense and HJ Gallery. Also displayed on profile. 6 total, art by Gabe for WD, art by HJ for HJ. Commodities trading boards added to villages.

Manny, 02 Mar 2024

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