Welcome to the forums!

Hey, I just created these here forums. You can discuss all sorts of stuff here. I'll add more features and whatnot if people use this a lot... or if I get bored and feel like it. If you have any suggestions feel free to make a post (note: you must be signed in to post or reply). I am already planning to add more stuff like: customs colors, additional profile picture customization, UI changes, and a couple other things but I forgor.

Topic: General ★ Replies: 6 ★ By: Manny ★ 23 Jun 2022 ⇨ 04 Dec 2023

Also I didn't make any easy way to delete offensive posts yet so please refrain from making them because it would be a huge hassle to deal with and I'd rather spend that time making new games and stuff for you to enjoy. Thanks!

Manny, 23 Jun 2022

Wow. This is very exciting I hope we can get some real discussion going about games.

Gabe, 23 Jun 2022

Yes, there are many things that need community input. It will be great to prioritize what the people want too.

Manny, 23 Jun 2022

Today I have added a delete button for your own forum posts and comments. I did this because I wanted to delete one of my posts lol, I figured it would be better for me to spend 2 hours adding this feature than to spend 2 minutes just doing it manually. Additionally, admins can now easily delete abusive posts/comments, which has never been an issue, but I figured I'd throw it in since I was already in there.

It took a year to add a delete button, maybe next year I'll do an edit button?

Manny, 31 Mar 2023

Hey, at one point exclamity articles had a view counter. This gave me the idea would it be possible to add likes to forum posts?

Gabe, 02 Dec 2023

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Manny, 04 Dec 2023

Please report any bad content and it will be swiftly banished.