Balloon Popper rework

A balloon Popper rework is in the works please share any ideas you might have for changes! it was Exclamitys first ever game i figure we better show it some love

Topic: Ideas ★ Replies: 6 ★ By: Gabe ★ 23 Jun 2022 ⇨ 23 Jun 2022

What have you done so far?

Manny, 23 Jun 2022

I'm going to maybe change the gamemodes, add balloons, and updating the graphics. But more ideas are welcome.

Gabe, 23 Jun 2022

Make more game modes and update the graphics!

Remie, 23 Jun 2022


Kanu, 04 Jul 2022

Update: it should be out this week game modes are both expanded and brought down to only one. it is one mode, but it has more variety than all 3 modes of the past. It is also being considered for a stand-alone release: Balloon popper 2

Gabe, 12 Jul 2022

UPDATE: it is out as Balloon popper 2 on the games section.

Gabe, 20 Jul 2022

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