Profile Ninjas Have Been Reset :(

Why did my ninja get reset!!? You might be asking this right now. Well... it's all part of the plan. I've implemented a new system that is much more intricate and will allow you to unlock unique customizations through achievements, coins, and events. I won't go into too much boring detail. But in order to change to this system of unlocking stuff everything had to be reset. Everything can be reconfigured on the revamped profile customization page, where you'll see room has been made for some never before seen customizations (more coming soon). Leave some suggestions for customizations in this thread and I'll fast track them.

Topic: General ★ Replies: 4 ★ By: Manny ★ 11 Jul 2022 ⇨ 11 Jul 2022


Kanu, 12 Jul 2022

With the new system I was able to unlock custom weapon just for you, the mozzarella stick thief.

Manny, 12 Jul 2022

it was good

Kanu, 13 Jul 2022

So many more options! It will be cool. I just got the Sol sychtes.

Gabe, 13 Jul 2022

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