User of the Day

You may see that on the homepage now there is the user of the day! How do you get selected? Easy, all users with more than 100 coins are eligible to be randomly selected. Soon we will add a profile award for it too! It is not rigged, just random.

Daily selection occurs at 2 am Pacific. Daylight savings confuses me but it will be an hour different when that changes.

Topic: General ★ Replies: 4 ★ By: Manny ★ 27 Jul 2022 ⇨ 27 Jul 2022

Post in this thread if you get it so I can remember who to give the profile award to later!

Manny, 28 Jul 2022

Very cool! Hopefully the award is up soon.

Gabe, 07 Aug 2022

The award now automatically unlocks if you are the user of the day. Just be sure to sign in if you see it's you!

Manny, 21 Sep 2022

It is always Damage sponge! He is so lucky. Except today it's Kanu

Gabe, 02 Nov 2022

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